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Direction provides one-stop communication, consulting and training services.

  • We act as your outsourced communications manager, advisor or trainer.
  • Top executives use us to develop their personal and professional communication skills.

Long term goals and fresh eyes
We work closely with our clients to long-term goals. Our rapid response gives you service that is comparable to in-house, yet we maintain the fresh eye and freedom of action of the outsider. We are friendly, bold, precise and demanding and we want to have fun while working together.

Getting the right team
With our broad professional network we are able to help you get the right team for specific communication assignments. We are happy to work with partners and suppliers you already have and are satisfied with. 

Our working principles
We deliver excellent quality based on honesty and fairness: 

  • We do only what we are best at. We will tell you if you can reach your goal more easily or more cheaply by using alternative suppliers or we will help you upgrade your in-house competencies.
  • We do not work for competing clients and we will always let you know if we see potential conflicts of interest.  
  • We do not carry out assignments if we find the goals or procedures involved to be unethical. We do not take on assignments if we believe the quality requirements to be too low.
  • We will tell you promptly if we cannot keep to what we have promised. We expect you to do the same.

Direction supports Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF).

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A perspective leading the way for development

Is it likely that your effort to create development will bear fruit? This depends on your ability to communicate in a way that corresponds to the worldview and value system of the receiver. The Spiral Dynamics system is a useful map - and it makes it easier to find out where your effort is most likely to succeed. Download as pdf-file