Getting the big picture...
Which way to go?
How do others see you?


Rent a Communications Manager
Your business is small to medium and you do not want to hire a full time communications manager. Instead you outsource the job to us. Together with you we examine your business strategy and your goals and set the long-term goals for your internal and external communications activities.

  • We help you make your business ethics and your values clear and explicit.
  • Together with you we find the stories that will build long-lasting reputation, and we help you tell those stories with integrity.
  • We help you talk the walk, so you can walk the talk. Our work includes taking contact to the media and catering to the needs of journalists that have an interest in what you are doing.
  • The necessary media work (text, pictures, web, video) can be done by us, or we set up and run a team with some of your employees and if needed also external suppliers.

Your company has already got the day-to-day communications expertise you need but you would like someone with whom you can examine the big picture, check your people and planet bottom lines and develop new ways to go. You have complicated negotiations with high stakes and want a little “laboratory testing” before you are on for real. Or you want fresh eyes to help you develop your business through the proactive use of communication.

You want yourself or your employees to become better at specific communications skills such as negotiating, connecting to others with empathy and dealing with negative emotions. You want to train in how to establish positive relations with representatives of the media, or you want more hard core skills within media production, writing or similar.
We deliver training in workshop format or on-the-fly through phone, e-mail, chat or videoconference.
We prefer to integrate training as tightly as possible with what your company or organization does day-to-day. Then the training is for real: It has a purpose, the results become visible and brag-able, and it makes those who are training learn much faster.

Our pricing
We normally work by the hour. Services are sold in 15 min. increments. We can give you a maximum price or make monthly agreements, and when we send the invoice we check that you are satisfied.
When the scope of an assignment is well-defined we can give you a fixed price. Send an email to Bjørn Kassøe Andersen to get more details or estimates.