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The power of the shadow

Have you noticed how we tend to avoid the tough questions? And how we tend to dislike the people that present such questions to us? By doing so, we loose a lot of power.

Clarifying the shadow and unconscious aspects of your organization can free large amounts of energy. At first you may have to deal with negative emotions such as frustration and dissatisfaction – but in so doing you will be able to find new and innovative solutions. At the collective level, tough questions from the outside world can help you sharpen your answers and identify your weak spots.

Authenticity and personal mastery
On a personal level, shadow work can be equally rewarding. Taking back projections cast onto people and phenomena is meaningful work. You know when you meet someone who is able to integrate and deal with shadow elements. Such persons radiate authenticity and a genuine will to deal with the world, no matter how it turns out to be. This kind of personal mastery can be trained, and is needed if you want to skilfully navigate in a networked world.

Direction provides training for individual and collective work with the integration of shadow phenomena. We have extensive experience with this kind of work in commercial and professional environments. Our key inspiration for shadow work comes from Jes Bertelsen at Vækstcenteret ("The Center for Growth") in Denmark. Another source of inspiration is the 3-2-1 process as it has been developed by Ken Wilber and Integral Institute.