Getting IT security on the agenda

The Danish Council for IT security hired Direction to assist it in getting its messages through to the public. The Council included some of Denmark’s most knowledgeable and influential persons within the field of IT security.

Getting the big picture
The main challenge was that IT security is a crowded arena where a lot of commercial interests make information available in order to attract business to their own products. On this scene, ‘Cry wolf’ is a well-known phenomena and the media tends to go with details and worst-case scenarios whereas ‘the big picture’ is often overlooked.

Within a limited budget Direction helped the council improve its press coverage considerably, mainly by identifying and preparing the ‘big picture’-stories that would be most relevant for the press.

The scope of the work
Direction recommended a public opinion poll, and designed and carried it out with the help of Parkegaard & Kristensen Sikkerhed and Epinion Capacent. The poll gave strong indications that IT security is not nearly as high on most citizen’s agenda as it ought to be and it patterned how similar polls have been carried out in subsequent years.

Direction helped formulate the Council’s yearly reports and also wrote and negotiated with other stakeholders a consolidated list of IT security recommendations for the Danish public.

What they got out of it
Here is what Allan Fischer-Madsen - partner in Devoteam Consulting A/S and former Chairman of the Danish Council for IT Security - says about the process: 

Allan Fischer-Madsen

"We experienced an effective cooperation with great insight into the Council’s wishes and liberty of action.

We found that the services provided fulfilled our needs for a constructive and innovative approach in a field where many different parties try to get the public’s attention."