Senior Free Agent with Sigma

Owner and leader of Direction, Bjørn Kassøe Andersen, has worked as a senior free agent with Sigma on a number of international assignments for among others Oticon (launch of the world’s first digital hearing aid), Lego Group (worldwide launch of Lego Mindstoms) and Coloplast.

One of the beauties of the networked world is the ability to gather exactly the right team for a specific assignment. The team meets when necessary and is otherwise tied together by email, chat, webcam, common database etc.

Sigma has perfected this approach over the years, working with companies internationally to increase their competitive edge through powerful and targeted communication.

From complex to simple while maintaining integrity
Managing Director Klaus Fog from Sigma says:

Klaus Fog

"I have worked with Bjørn on a number of large international projects with corporate clients since the mid-1990’s. In a team he acts as a highly qualified catalyst and is able to distill seriously complex issues down to easy and simple messages without any loss of integrity. This is the case whether we talk about highly specialized issues and narrow target groups, or mainstream issues and popular media.

He also brings in a rare ability to think out of the box and to dig out stories and orchestrate communication efforts across media types and traditional categories in ways that maximize the impact of the energy invested.

I have been allowed to also tease him in this quote, so here is the strange part: You may not always be able to buy what you would like from him. As a customer you have to qualify yourself. He could go quite high in a traditional carrier but has chosen to create his own way, which I find sympathetic. He has made some clear and precise choices about what he wants from that part of life which is not work, and that is actually what a lot of people are longing for but dare not do."