Getting a stolen domain back

Did you know that it is extremely difficult to get a stolen .com-domain back. We did not know this when the domain for this English version of our website,, was stolen in late 2006.

Even though this job was done for ourselves, it is a good example of how we work. We are in general proponents of radical transparency (read about it on so on the weblog we have gone public with the story about how was stolen. We later recaptured the domain after having submitted the incident for arbitration with WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization).

Turning the seemingly negative into positive
One domain name won back from a thief does of course not make us experts in this field. The point is that it is possible to turn seemingly negative situations into something positive. By going public we improve our own planet bottom line as we point out some general systemic and overlooked problems in ICANN’s regulations and gather available relevant information, which can help others in a similar situation.

Is your domain safe?

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and check if your valuable international domain name(s) are protected well enough.