The art of living

It is actually quite simple. We are born, we live, we die. In the space between birth and death each of us has our possibilities to love, enjoy and create – or hate, regret and destroy. The art of living is to consciously choose that which enriches life.

Bjørn Kassøe Andersen offers coaching sessions and dialogue on the art of living. The focus is on personal development with a spiritual perspective, based on an integral framework. A series of coaching sessions can be short or long, and is based on an well-defined question or goal. Sessions take place by phone or Skype video.

We tend to see ourselves as identical with our thoughts. Our opinions and thoughts appear to be the truth of how things really are. There is a different approach: That of mindfulness, de-identification or neutral observation.
The key is to let things be what they are. Not that you refrain from acting or influencing the world around you – but you do so from a place of deep acceptance of and respect for the conditions of existence.

Flow and creativity
Once you establish the habit of de-identification or mindfulness, you become a lot more flexible. You will improve your ability to consciously invite flow and creativity, you focus on wholeness and make room for even the most difficult emotions and situations. The perspective changes.

It is possible to train and use the perspective of mindfulness in a modern life – without subscribing to the archaic and mythic worldviews that most spiritual schools and teachers are embedded in.

We invite this perspective to be present in our coaching dialogues and the work we do with our clients.

Sources of inspiration:
Jes Bertelsen and other spiritual teachers
Ken Wilber and other writers on modern spirituality